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There are three basic ways to look at lottery software and lottery systems in general. Cynics and pessimists tend to see them as a scam, products designed to capitalize on the natural desire to get rich quick.

Optimists, on the other hand, will often see lottery software as a free pass to the road to riches, something that will lead to the inevitable big score that will put them on easy street.

Realists, of course, will try to find the middle ground and use common sense in the process. In this case, the middle ground with lottery software is that is can be a useful tool for those who enjoy playing the lottery on an occasional or consistent basis. It can help increase the odds of winning, especially when it comes to smaller games and payoffs. And if you are destined to make the big score, lottery software can definitely help get you there.

But only if you know how to pick the right product and use it effectively. With that in mind, here are eight things you need to know about lottery software when you go to evaluate the various products and make your final selection.

mostly false promises1 Beware of big false promises.

One of the first things you’ll have to deal with if you decide to pursue lottery software is huge, pie-in-the-sky promises. This should probably go without saying, but most are exactly what your common sense tells you they are – nonsense. Touting a few big winners is a normal part of selling lottery software, so you’ll see some testimonials from big winners on virtually every site. But if the promises look too good to be true, they probably are.

2 Know the odds.

Yes, the odds on winning the lottery are long. But one of the biggest benefits of good lottery software is lowering those odds across the board, from smaller games and pick-sixes to the major lotteries we all know and love. Good, well-designed software can tell you what numbers to go with, when to play, how much to play, and provide a lot of other useful information. This is especially true if you’re one of those types who uses statistical charts and graphs to get better odds.

global and local lotteries3 Play Local, Explore Global.

If you’re a lottery junkie, one of the best things about lottery software is that it can offer offer you a port of entry into international lotteries. The good news about this is most lotteries use similar software and subroutines for picking winning numbers, so if you get a good software tool it well help open up a world of possibilities when it comes to places for you to play and win.

The caveat is that because these lotteries aren’t local, it’s far easier to fall victim to fake lotteries and scams. Beware of lotteries that send phishing inquiries disguised as replies, and stick to the established international lotteries initially to make sure the playing field is level for you. And always do your homework on a prospective lottery and be careful with your private information. Once you know your way around, be flexible when it comes to trying new places to win.

4 Focus on the Features.

When it comes to lottery software, its important to remember that you’re buying a product, and as such you need to focus on evaluating the features it offers. Is the software affordable, and does it fit your price range and budget? Is it easy to understand and use, without a lot of statistical mumbo jumbo? Does it have a good track record?

Also, what kind of support do you get? Is that support available online, via phone and email, and accessible 24/7? Does the software include quick-pick games and a nice variety of games to choose from? Are the testimonials real? These are all questions you need to ask as you go through your evaluation process.

5 What does it do for you?

If you don’t mind dealing with a little complexity, some of the best lottery software packages are the ones with the most statistical features. They break down how different lotteries work, the mathematical formulas to use, which techniques to use to take advantage of those formulas and how to implement them. The more you know about statistics, probability and how these formulas work, the more you’ll gain from the software when it comes to winning across the board.

6 Can it hurt you?

While using lottery software is potentially lucrative, there is a downside. There are packages out there that will install icons and shortcuts without your permission, download third-party content from affiliate marketers, and considerably slow down your computer in the process. The worst case scenario is picking up malware from one of these programs, which can also easily happen.

Fortunately, these programs are fairly easy to spot. They’re often set up and organized in the same way, so if you see something you don’t like, either check it out thoroughly or avoid it completely.

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squeaky wheels lottery7 Use the squeaky wheels.

Part of your research about any lottery software program should include the complaint board or forum. No software package of any kind will come up completely squeaky clean, of course, but its wise to peruse these forums carefully.

Start by looking for complaint patterns, then hone in on specific issues that look especially nasty. Performing this kind of process of elimination will save you time and keep you from buying a package that could be a lot more costly than the purchase price in the long run.

8 Access the user reviews, albeit with a grain of salt.

The next stop in your evaluation process after the complaint forums should be the user reviews. Once again, you want to use these judiciously – a good lottery software software package will generally get positive reviews, with a realistic evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and problems. As you go through your search, these are the products you want to consider for your final purchase.

Once again, you’re looking for a pattern in the reviews that produces an overall positive. Balance the good, the bad and the ugly, then use a combination of analysis and intuition to make the right choice for you. This will help ensure a positive experience and increase the chances that you’ll fatten your bank account a bit in the process.